About Us

Hari Om Foods was established in 2016 with the aim of providing authentic Maharashtrian food for all over Australia. We are suppling in Australia wide states like NSW (Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne), Queensland (Brisbane), South Australia (Adelaide), Western Australia (Perth), Northern Territory (Darwin) and Tasmania.

The brands that we import, distribute and sell are safe and healthy to eat, those are extremely easy to cook in just a few minutes. That will remind the same delicious food taste of having it back in India. We are serving the well-known Maharashtrian big brand to all over Australia like, Chitale, Bedekar Kalyan Bhel, Sakas Foods, Shree Devashree Foods, Soham Foods, Ganesh Bhel, Prakash Masale, And from Gujrat famous Mr. Puff.

Also, we do Seasonal itemslike Fresh Alphonso Mangoes, Pen Shadu Mati Ganpati Idols and Fresh Chitale Diwali faral.

Having tasty Maharashtrian food always comes with a particular memory for every individual and we plan on catching that memory by the taste of the food we deliver. Hari Om Foods has distributors all over Australia who currently sell our authentic products to their cities where you can get all our products.

Please see below brief information for the big brands that we supply.

Sakas Foods

SAKAS is a well-known home business established in 1986 in Pune. Today they are one of the major leaders in procurement, manufacturing, wholesale, retail distribution and sale of more than 100 different types of Flours, Dry snacks, Spice powders, Spice mix, Condiments and Delicacies in Pune.

Shree Devashree Foods

Shree Devashree Foods (Pune) specializes in authentic Maharashtrian ready to cook food mixes. All products are available in dry form, making it easy to carry and store. All the products are without any preservatives, colours, and chemicals. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, ready in just 10 minutes. Just add water to the mix and cook for 10 minutes. More than 25 recipes will ensure quick, delicious, homemade food ready to beat your hunger.
For recipes visit http://www.shreedevashreefoods.com/product.html

Chitale Bandhu

Having consistently delivered a tasteful, fresh, and nourishing experience for more than six decades, the company has successfully crafted a brand identity that's truly unique! The other members of the Chitale Bandhu family include Chitale Dairy (milk and milk products), Chitale Foods (instant mixes), Chitale Agro (jams, ketchups, and pulps), Chitale Digitals and Chitale ABS Genus.

Bedekar Pickles

Exactly a century ago, in a little pantry at the back of our grocery store, the Bedekar founding fathers made their very first batch of pickle- out of just 200 fresh limes. We wonder if they had known what their little venture would grow into. Our pickles, that mechanized factories using the traditional pickling processes, minimum human contact and just as much love as always. What never changed over the years was our insistence on using the freshest variety of fruits, premium quality ingredients and traditional pickling processes.

Kalyan Bhel

Kalyan Bhel House is famous, popular, and unique because of is its delicious and yummy food, walking distance locations, scintillating ambience, cleanliness and hygiene, and above all friendly staff. We are in business because of our esteemed customers, so we take any feedback and suggestions very seriously since we believe in maintaining a good relationship with our customers and that they are jovial and happy.

Prakash Masale

As Maharashtra evolves into a cultural potpourri, with people from across India and the world moving here, the Maharashtrian culture is now endorsed and celebrated globally. An integral part of this glorious culture is its nutritious mouth-watering cuisine, with a legacy of flavours and recipes – engineered thoughtfully, for every season and occasion.

Sohum Udyog

Every product is made from best quality ingredients following best Industry practices for longer shelf life and better taste. Continuous cleaning and sanitation process is important part of our operations. For better shelf life every grain goes through medically safe fumigation process for 1-3 days period resulting into zero pest infiltrations of product.

Ganesh Bhel

Attractive boxes with packaging that truly speaks of an exotic quality and the heritage from which our food is born and prepared – that truly is the hallmark of the product that Ganesh Bhel brings to the world, and its many dining tables. Whether you are bringing Ganesh Bhel home for a quick snack after a weary day, or you are serving it for a party, or even gifting it to your near and dear ones, the sheer serving style is what will grab the attention of people around you!

These brands have the most nutritious and delicious Maharashtrian foods you will enjoy. We always test the packaging of imported products and strive for timely delivery.